Common Questions of Prize Bond

According to the Prize Bond Schedule 2022 Lucky draws are held 2 to 4 times every month in majority of the cities in Pakistan. Initially there used to be 24 draws annually but now with the increasing number of investors, the number of draws has increased to 36 per year.
Prize Bond Draws are held in different cities of Pakistan, and is managed by National Savings. Every 2 weeks a new draw is held, total 36 draws are held annually. You can check the prize bond schedule of your purchased bond at this page.
The dates are different according to the amount of the bond you have, if you have Rs. 25000 bond than the draw of this bond will held quarterly, means the draw will be held 4 times a year.
You can check the Prize Bond Draw Result on Shah Prize Bond business section. Where complete list of winning numbers is published with the serial number.
Yes you can visit the National Savings office in the city where the draw is held, check the schedule and visit the office at 9AM on the specific date, take your CNIC along for security reason.
The prize bond schedule of 2022 is totally different than the Schedule of 2021 . So check the schedule carefully.
You can download the prize bond schedule 2022 by clicking on the download button on top, and save the file in PDF format for offline use.
If you win the prize you can claim your prize in next 6 years of draws. Simply take your original prize bond along with your CNIC to the national Saving office, and your prize will be given to you in 3-4 days.
National Savings Pakistan is a division of State Bank of Pakistan, and is considered as the largest investment and financial institution in Pakistan. It has assets worth 3.5 Trillion Rs. and plays a major role in the economy of Pakistan.
Any Pakistani with a valid CNIC or Nadra issued card can purchase the prize bond, and take part in the Draw. Simply visit any scheduled bank branch or National Savings office to buy the bonds.
Today, because of the increasing fraud cases, one often has a fear of purchasing a fake or an invalid prize bond. The National Saving Scheme website has issued alert against purchase of fake prize bonds by noticing the following things on the prize bond before purchase.

Claims of prize money of winning prize bonds Pakistan

The claim of prize money declared on winning prize bond can be lodged at any field office on the prescribed claim form, which is available at the help desk free of charge. The form duly filled may be submitted along with the following:

Photocopy of valid CNIC

Winning prize bond (original) duly signed by the applicant

Photo copy of the prize winning bond duly signed by the applicant

Prize bonds winning prize money below Rs. 18,500/- are returned, in case of prize money Rs. 18,500/- and above are retained and their face value is paid to the claimant.
The claim form is submitted at the respective counter of any offices of SBP BSC (Bank). Prize money up to Rs. 18,500/- is paid on counter (subject to clearance of bond) the same day after deduction of 15% withholding tax for Filers and 30% for Non Filers . Prize money over Rs. 18,500/- is given through payment order only by the date given to claimants for collecting the prize money. Prize money up to Rs.1250/- can also be claimed at commercial banks and National Savings Centers.
Upto Rs.18,500/- Same Day Upto Rs.185,000/- 10 working days Upto Rs.500,000/- 15 working days Above Rs.500,000/- 20 working days
Shut period means a period of two months preceding the date of draw of a particular denomination.

Shah Prize Bond

No, there is no required to become a member for checking of prize bonds draw results.
Visit the "Search" link top of the header. chose Series or Random Numbers Select the denomination/prize bond type. After entering all required numbers, click "search"
It is an absolutely free service of Shah Prize Bond.
Yes, simply select your desired draw number from Select Draw dropdown in any Search Random/Series from Search link top of the header.
If the system shows win on a same bond number in 2 separate draws, the holder of the bond is eligible for 2 wins.
Visit the Prize Value link top of the header. In this you can see the how many numbers of bonds in each draw respectively in 1st,2nd,3rd Numbers. you can also see the filer or non filer tax dedication from amount of prize.
Visit the About link top of the header.
Visit the "Draw" section top of the header and go to "Draw Timeline" menu item, you can also download schedule by clicking on download link. You can find previouse year draw schedual and number from "All Draw List " and you can download it or view results

Account Related Questions

Prize Bond Account is your virtual account. You can keep all your prize bonds numbers safe here and avoid hassles of checking draw results every time a draw is announced. A draw alert email is sent to the prize bond account holder.
"Search" in account is use prize bond number that save in your account and you give the denomination/prize bond type after give the "type" related draw are show in draw dropdown you can select specific draw of select "last 6 year" and then click on search button it give you result accourding to your search. You can also search your bond instantly from your account dashboard to click on your prize bond cards. They provide search by default from last 6 year result.
when you search your save prize bond and you win a prize. you can claim it by click on claim button last of the each row in result page. After claim, this number will not search in that specific draw again but this number is search on other draw respectively.
Just click on the "Forget Password" links available at the log-in form. Enter your e-mail address and captcha. Reset instructions will be sent to the e-mail address.
Account Invoice show how many numbers of prize bond you save. it show save numbers of bond and its total amount. it provice seprate denomination and all denomination.
To add new prize bond numbers, we provide three types first visit "Add New Bond". Select the denomination and then enter number of prize bond and click save. Second series or random Prize Bond Select the denomination and then enter number of prize bond and click save.
To remove prize bond numbers, visit "My Bond". Select All Bond from dropdown menu and you view data table you can search,create,update or delete the required row or number.
Send your query to support@yasir.letout.com.pk Or visit our contact page top of the header menu and send your query.